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Life is better than average, and you too are better than that.

Quote 1:

Any love can give you joy and happiness, even if it’s just short-term, but only true love will ever give you peace.

How do I know that? I experienced a series of relationships that were all based on love, undoubtedly. Strong love, passionate love, codependent love, needy love, paradoxical love, tough love. All these romantic loves I got to live through were the loves that brought joy and happiness to me, they did, even if it was very short-term. But none of them could ever give me peace.

It didn’t lift my soul up, it didn’t expand me, it didn’t…

And life is writing them — creating and re-creating, constantly.

I used to be an active writer up to a month back. I was a regular and felt the excitement and responsibility to share my thoughts, observations and perspectives, through every cell of my body as often as possible. In fact, my thoughts were sharpening and accelerating, its volume was increasing with every coming day, and then suddenly, from one day to another — I stopped writing and disappeared from Medium.

You may be asking why and how can this even happen?

Well, the short answer is — when a writer goes silent, it is not because they suddenly don’t…

By focusing on two specific areas, I found and reclaimed 20 hours per week to put towards my goals—and it made me happier, too

A yellow clock.
A yellow clock.

Perhaps I am one of many to say that it often felt like time was just slipping out of my grasp.

I used to have all these plans of what I want to achieve in a day, week, or a month’s time, and then, days, weeks, and months were long gone and I was still far away from reaching my goals. Or, out of ten quite realistically set goals for a given time period, I only managed to fulfill a good three, and even that with difficulties.

Often, when I looked at the clock and it was 10 a.m., when…

This actually is a real-life story. No bullshit.

Dear friend,

I thought for some time whether to share this with you as a feedback or not, but because it's still on my mind today, I decided I will.

Yesterday, when we were together, on many occasions I felt not heard and interrupted when I tried to share something valuable with you. You cut me off so many times that I lost a count of it at one point and took my thoughts ahead and tried to explain the things I was saying for me although it was me sharing how I feel in the first place. …

The key to preventing depression and staying mentally healthy.

“How we deal with our inner world drives everything.”— Susan David

Susan David, Ph.D. is an award-winning psychologist at Harvard Medical School, an expert on human behavior, and co-founder of the Institute of Coaching. She is the author of Emotional Agility, the concept that educates us in how to deal with our emotions effectively in an increasingly complex world.

The book became the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, recommended by Forbes, awarded by the New York Times and the Washington Post, translated into 26 languages.

Why? Simply because we live in a society that is in a great deal…

The things that help me and I am pretty sure they can help you too.

I strongly believe that no one needs an explanation of what a bad day is or look like. We’ve all had the most various of manifestations of this occurrence.

But it way too usually presents itself this way — something quite bad happens to you in the morning (it might be oversleeping the alarm, breaking your favourite mug or a whole shelf, rushing for an important meeting without an umbrella when it starts raining heavy etc.), and then, the ball of a lot of other bad things — the thoughts and emotions just keep rolling down the mountain of bad…

Discover simple and practical mindfulness for daily life.

Quote 1:

When a child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times, they never think to themselves ‘’Maybe this is not for me.’’ — Johanna Burkhardt

You know how we often try doing something new and then, when the success doesn’t come as soon (or easily) as we expected, we give up on the thing altogether and tell ourselves that either a.) we’re not good enough in this, or b.) that this cannot be for us as it doesn’t come easy and fast.

The truth is, with a vast majority of skills to develop, or our interests and hobbies…

A personal story of where all the infamous ‘ghosting’ can happen

I guess that most of you are familiar with the term — ghosting. And how much it’s coming to picture in this day and age where most of our daily communication moves from face-to-face to digital, or online space, including our personal relationships, and the dating world.

Prior to my experience with ghosting, I’d have thought that most of the ghosting stories happen in the world of online dating, but I’ve learned that ghosting can happen anywhere, anytime.

For those of you still not familiar with this term, it’s basically an act of somebody who’s been a part of your…

Tools and techniques introduced, common questions answered.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is present and future-oriented, action-focused discipline that targets progress and goal achievement. Personal progress that requires a sense of accountability, comes through reflection and self-improvement, and is followed by deliberate action(s).

Coaching is an action-focused discipline based on a two-way conversation, to drive progress and goal achievement.

In effect, coaching is a two-way conversation, aimed to encourage client’s self-reflection, expansion of perception, decision marking, planning and action, to drive progress. In coaching, as compared to counselling and therapy, the past is only used as a reflection tool to help the client determine their present and future goals.

What is Transformation coaching?

‘Transformation Coaching’…

Death as a reminder of life.

I’ve recently come back from the funeral of my good friend’s grandma who passed away in an honourable age of 85. Her death is not related to Covid but persistent heart problems for the past few years, and sadly for her loved ones, this year her heart wasn’t strong enough to keep on beating.

As I was present there, at the funeral, in the company of her family and close ones, including my friend, hearing about who this incredible woman was and how she lived, this setting, the time and space made me think not of death, but paradoxically about…

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